Always the basic idea of a new issue is already established some months before the issue is released, even before the artists that will be featured are chosen, with this idea in mind, the artists are contacted either by their style, process or technique, on paper this is the ideal, but sometimes the artists never answer back so the plan B comes into place and we have to change the papers. For this issue it was especially hard to land the ideas, we had three very different artists to work with, first Mr. Sari that presented a very strong and introspective artwork, then Terry Cyr with this incredible collection of photographs with a reminiscent of Caravaggio's masterful lighting, and finally Thomas Barker with a clean and minimalistic art, all three incredible artists with a passioned dialogue and very define style. As with nifty lines is weaved a good reading so we wove this story with the thread of the vanguard, the Idea was clear and it was a work of complete dedication to make it happen, again, the idea is easier said than done when we want to follow the rule, the table ended up with six different covers and several layouts on, a lot of research was made, and finally an Avant-Garde design seemed to be the right way to go, and the final product is reminiscent of the old art magazines of the decade of the 70s, with a style that does not break the spirit of our magazine, but at the same time it is presented in a different way for you to enjoy it.

For this reason it is said on the pages. "The world is still new" we tend to believe that is old because our lives are too short, but art is one of the human things that exceeds time and remind us that yes, the world is still new, no matter which way we look, thanks to the artists in this issue for speaking about it, even if we talked about Baroque, Minimalism or abstraction, everything is still new.

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