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This magazine is the materialization of a dream which began over ten years ago—it started on a lane that seemed to be reserved only for some. Ten years ago, online social life was limited and not as flourishing as today, and without a doubt more so for a gay artist whose object of expression was the male figure.

When I look back, I see how public opinion has changed; however, this change did not represent a better panorama for artists who explore male sexuality in art. Before, the dilemma was the shortage of worthy places to exhibit the artistic male nude, and now, although we have more dissemination platforms and it is easier to reach more people, censorship has taken control over almost all these platforms (once again leaving the male nude outside the mass media and even putting it once again inside the pornography bag). Nudity and male sexuality in art has been so condemned and vilified in this double-standard society we live in even though the naked male body has been there as a human expression since the invention of art. This tells us that essentially, the old dilemma is still the same, seen with different eyes and under different “moral” glasses, but still the same ten years later.

Noisy Rain is still here being one of the few publications dedicated to the field of gay art and male nude. From the start of this project to this very day I try, without censorship, to bring light in a positive way to these artworks. I will continue in this crusade forward because after ten years, I still believe that artists who explore male beauty and male sexuality deserve a space in which we can express ourselves freely, not only because it is now considered politically correct, but because it continues to be subject to censorship.

With the help of volunteers and contributors we make this publication possible, Noisy Rain's gay art project meets a unique need in today's art publications, with a frank, honest, and beautifully designed product that inspires the artist and makes the reader enjoy every page. Since January 2021, coinciding with the magazine's tenth anniversary, we began to publish the printed version, without forgetting the classic formats we have published for ten years, thus giving our readers and artists a new way to enjoy our content. 

The Noisy Rain magazine is a bimonthly publication created and edited by the Visual Artists E. Hirano.

If you want to show your artwork in the Noisy Rain Magazine, please visit the submission section.

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