Noisy Rain Online Magazine is open to contributors from every corner of the world. We love looking and discovering new art and new talents.

You can send from painting, photography, illustration to any form of design, as well as poetry, short fiction, and other forms of creative work.

If you want to show your artwork in Noisy Rain Magazine, here is what you need to do.

For visual artists. If you are a visual artist regardless of the medium in which you work, such as photography, painting, or illustration. Submit samples of your work (up to four samples) in JPG, JPEG, PNG, or PDF format or give links to online galleries where you have your work display.

For writers. Please send a sample of your writing work, in WORD or PDF format, a text largest of one page (US Letter, font size 12 points and 1.5 of space between lines), or send links to websites where we can read your work.

For artists working in any other medium. Plastic arts, film, dance, or theater, please send stills or photographs (up to four samples) of your work in JPG, PNG, or PDF format or send links to online galleries showing your work. In the case of film, dance or theater, or any other performing arts, you may also want to include a brief synopsis of your work.

You will receive an answer whether accepted or not by Noisy Rain once we had reviewed your work, if we accept your artwork this will go to our contributors' list, from this list we plan all the future editions. When we finish the edition's planning and we know the issue release date, we let know the artists a month before and give important information such as deadline and image requirements. The time between the moment you send your samples for review and the moment Noisy Rain publishes them depends on the amount of earlier work received by other artists and the design of our future editions, sometimes this can take a few months.

We ask for up to four images to keep the first contact fast and secure, but if you need to send more than four samples feel free to do so, you just need to include in your email a summary explaining why you are sending more images.

Make sure all images you send are in low resolution to protect your work and ease downloading.  A suggested size is 650 x 650 pixels at 72 dpi for best viewing on the web and mobile devices. In case we select your artwork, we will ask you for high-resolution files when we know in which edition it is suitable for publication. If you are submitting good-quality samples, make sure your images are watermarked for your art's protection.

Please bear in mind that this magazine is a publication focused on the male figure as the main theme of an artistic work, as well as any subject directed to interpersonal relationships between men and its exploration as an artistic subject, for which we appreciate that your work focus is this.

Now it is time for you to share your art with the world!


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